Monday, January 16, 2006

#14 - *&#king!! Mom scarf

Made For: My mother, by request, for Christmas 2004

Pattern: Some freebie from AC Moore. She saw the sample swatch, and loved it so much that we had to find someone to give us the pattern. Silly me, I thought it looked easy.

Yarn: Plymouth Eros (color 3267)

Purchased at: A.C. Moore

Notes: To date (2/06), this is the WORST project I have ever done! #1 - I hated this yarn with everything in me. It's a ladder yarn, which means that I stuck my needle through the middle of the yarn at least 10,000 times. #2 - it's 100% nylon (read: slippery as hell), so it kept slipping off the needles. #3 - The AC Moore lady warned me -- if you make a mistake, you're better off starting over because you can't see the stitches. I was over-confident and thought she was exaggerating. She wasn't. Very early on I should've bought bamboo needles (I was too broke). I should've paid more attention. Shoulda-woulda-coulda. Bottom line - my mother loves it.

Date: December 2004

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