Monday, January 16, 2006

#41 - Chenille Blanket

Made for: Gramma

Pattern: None (and that was a problem)

Fabric: 5 different flannels

Purchased at: Joann Fabrics

Notes: Little did I know that Gramma had fallen on the ice a couple days before Christmas, so she was bruised and heavily medicated. Even though this blanket was the source of drinking, swearing, throwing of scissors on the floor, and refusing to gift it, Gramma LOVED it. She immediately threw it over herself and didn't move from the recliner for hours. If you're interested in making a homemade chenille blanket, there's a great online resource. Unfortunately I didn't Google prior to embarking. Silly Mafia. Typical. MamaRoo's Mom made an amazing handmade chenille blanket, which I snuggled under and thought, "I could make this..." Note to self: beware of over-confidence. Always Google highly skilled crafters.

Date: December 2005

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