Monday, February 12, 2007

#63 - Sesame Street Flannel Jammies

Made for: Little Man

Pattern: Simplicity 5874; size 3 for pants and size 4 for top.

Fabric: Cotton flannel from Hancock Fabrics, purchased in 2005 and stashed for this purpose. Little Man loves Sesame Street and was very excited about this fabric.

Notes: Fun, fast, decent pattern that I've used several times now. The only problem is the pattern sizing. Every piece is very wide, and the pants are long in the seat and the legs. I just take the extra length in the hem and the waistband. I didn't use the ribbing at the ankle. Note to self: knit rib is a pain in the ass to sew, but alas, makes a lovely finished look.

Date: February 2006, blogged


#62 - Besotted

Made for: The Red Scarf Project 2007

Pattern: Besotted

Yarn: every bit of 3 balls of KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Red Pepper.

Needles: Size 5? straights

Gauge: ??

Notes: Great pattern. Yarn was a teeny bit splitty, but surprisingly soft for a superwash. Great color. I meant to add short fringe, but decided against it post-blocking. Also surprising for a superwash, the yarn blocked out really well.

Date: January 2006


Thursday, January 11, 2007

#61 - Tord inspired T-shirts

Made for: Little Man

Technique: Traced the Tord Boontje panels from Target (explained here), then used Angry Chicken's technique.

Materials: T-shirts from Michaels. Jacquard paints. Fabric brushes.

Notes: The most important part is to iron an extra piece of freezer paper inside the shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding onto the back layer of the t-shirt. Also, my edges weren't as sharp as I wanted, so after pulling the freezer paper off, I did a teeny bit of touching up along the edges.

Date: January 2006

#60 - Christmas Stockings for MafiaBro & MafiaMom

Made for: MafiaBro & MafiaMom

Pattern: Created on the fly. I looked at a handknit sock, drew the basic shape onto some sketch paper and cut 'em out. After finishing the main stocking, I decided it needed some jazz, so I added the toes and heels. If I make stockings again, I'll make the toes and heels a bit bigger. I cut the letters free-hand, and if I do this again, I'll definitely use a template.

Fabric: Wool Felt from JoAnns.

Notes: Fun. Fast (done late on Christmas mas Eve). I'm keeping these in my xmas boxes so now they'll have stockings whenever they come visit.

Date: December 2006

#59 - Little Man's Hat & Mittens

Made for: Little Man

Pattern: Created on the fly. Knitted-on cast on. 2x2 ribbing. Decreases in 4 places, at the same place every time. 'Floof' sewn to the top. Described here.

Yarn: Cascade 220 in navy, stranded with Crystal Palace Kid Merino in Indigo #4675

Needles: Size 6 (4?) Addi Turbos 40"

Notes: I love the tweedy effect from stranding these two yarns together.

Date: December 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

#58 - Sophie's Toes socks

Made for: Me

Pattern: one at a time on size 0 40" Addis, toe up, short heel toes and heels, @1/2" of ribbing at top, EZ's Sewn Cast Off (is this becoming my standard sock pattern?)

Yarn: Sophie's Toes in a gorgeous variegated blue/purple colorway, as seen in the ball here.

Gifted by: The very generous Emily Parson, proprietress/dyer of Sophie's Toes

Notes: I LOVED this yarn! So much.

Date: November 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

#57 - Peter Pan

Made For: Little Man

Pattern: Simplicity 9862

Fabric: Fleece

Purchased at: JoAnns

Notes: Shortened the arms and legs by at least an inch. Didn't use interfacing on the collar. Forgot to attach the black belt. Nixed the soles on the feet, to allow for sneakers. Favorite quote: "I can fly! I can fly!"

Date: October 2006

#56 - Tinkerbell

Made For: Lila

Pattern: Simplicity 9862

Fabric: Fleece

Purchased at: JoAnns

Notes: Shortened the arms and legs by at least an inch. Re-shaped the boob line into curves, as opposed to points (yuck!). Added a decorative stitch along the boob line. Wings need to be stiffer.

Date: October 2006

#55 - LiuVee Vest

Made For: Me

Pattern: Based on Ann Budd's basic v-neck sweater pattern. I just didn't do the sleeves, and picked up stitches around the arm hole and worked a small band of ribbing.

Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Jewel

Purchased from: Christine's stash sale for a bargain basement price

Notes: Added width at the waist and hip, and slowly tapered back to the suggested chest size. Fits PERFECTLY and I should use these #s for every other sweater for all eternity.

Date: October 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

#54 - Starry Sky Socks


Made for: Me

Pattern: two at a time on size 0 40" Addis, toe up, short heel toes and heels, random eyelets, @1/2" of ribbing at top, EZ's Sewn Cast Off

Yarn: Koigu KPPM in a slightly variegated black/charcoal, as seen in skein here.

Purchased at: School Products

Notes: I enjoyed the random eyelet lace and would happily do it again. LOVED the EZ's Sewn Cast Off.

Date: August 2006

#53 - Roo's Baby Hat

Made For: M.'s new baby, Roo

Pattern: None

Yarn: Stash Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Orangeade

Purchased at: Building 19 for $1.39 per ball!!

Notes: Fun. Quick. Easy. Cute. I did a knitted-on cast on, then 2x2 rib, k2tog decreases in 6 (or 8?) places, and an i-cord loop top.

Date: August 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

#52 - Wrist Cuffs

Inspired by Lisa Congdon, the artist behind A Bird in the Hand. Originally posted here.

Both cuffs

Cuff for me.

Cuff for Nina, as a swap for the beautiful pin she gave me as part of her SwaparamaMama.

The hand model is Danielle.

Started & Finished: August 5, 2006
Fabric: scrap fabric from stash
Buttons: inherited vintage buttons
Ties: hair elastics generously donated by stolen from Wifey

Friday, July 21, 2006

#51 - Woolarina socks for Little Man

Made for: Little Man

Pattern: Top down; improvised heel flap; improvised decreased toe. I was away from instructions at all times, so I made it up as I went along, and learned a lot about socks as a result.

Yarn: Woolarina sock yarn that Little Man picked out

Purchased at: from the Woolarina booth at Sheepshearing Day at Gore Place

Needles: Size 0 Addis (I think)

Method: Magic Loop, one at a time (I think)

Born: June 2006 (I think)
Died: July 20, 2006 at the hands of a wool killer.