Saturday, January 21, 2006

#44 - Celtic Cap

Made for: ME!

Pattern: Celtic Cap, by the lovely and helpful Girl From Auntie

Yarn: Reynolds Alpaca Regal in color 50.

Purchased at: Woolcott

Notes: I LOVED everything about this cap. The pattern was amazing. It was written with several standard sizes and a custom calculation for more precise sizing. The decreases were designed within the cables, so you can't see them. The yarn is soft and fluffy and warm. It's cozy, warm, and smells great. The color is lovely. After searching for about a year, I finally found a shade of blue that would match my all-time favorite scarf. I bought the scarf on my honeymoon in Ireland and it gets wrapped around my neck in October and doesn't come off until April. Hooray!

Date: January 2006

Monday, January 16, 2006

#43 - Hat

Made for: Dad

Pattern: 2x2 rib, same as Bro's Hat

Yarn: Cascade 200 Superwash in black

Purchased at: Windsor Button

Notes: boring, but my Dad is kinda boring in all honesty. He loved it.

Date: December 2005

#42 - Irish Hiking Scarf

Made for: Dad

Pattern: Irish Hiking scarf, with my addition of a seaman's neckband. It was a wonderful pattern that I would strongly recommend.

Yarn: Cascade 200 Superwash in black, color 866(?)

Purchased at: Windsor Button

Notes: I LOVED the pattern, but didn't like the yarn. The superwash chemicals decreased the softness of the 220. At least I know that Dad won't ruin it.

#41 - Chenille Blanket

Made for: Gramma

Pattern: None (and that was a problem)

Fabric: 5 different flannels

Purchased at: Joann Fabrics

Notes: Little did I know that Gramma had fallen on the ice a couple days before Christmas, so she was bruised and heavily medicated. Even though this blanket was the source of drinking, swearing, throwing of scissors on the floor, and refusing to gift it, Gramma LOVED it. She immediately threw it over herself and didn't move from the recliner for hours. If you're interested in making a homemade chenille blanket, there's a great online resource. Unfortunately I didn't Google prior to embarking. Silly Mafia. Typical. MamaRoo's Mom made an amazing handmade chenille blanket, which I snuggled under and thought, "I could make this..." Note to self: beware of over-confidence. Always Google highly skilled crafters.

Date: December 2005

#40 - Toddler Legwarmers

Made for: Little Miss Grace, daughter of Nina

Pattern: 2x2 rib

Yarn: Noro Kureyon in color: I have no clue

Purchased at: Three Bags Full

Notes: Fun! I knit these legwarmers right in front of Nina and told her I was knitting the sleeves for a baby sweater for a college friend's second child. She believed me. tee-hee. Noro on a newborn - Ha! Even I'm not that crazy.

Date: December 2005

#39 - Little Bro's Beanie

Made for: my Little Bro

Pattern: 2x2 rib, cable cast-on, based on the Hats that Fit pattern by Nancy Lindberg

Yarn: Jaegar Shetland Aran in a tweedy gray, 80% wool, 20% alpaca, recently discontinued

Purchased at: Windsor Button

Needles: size 4 Addi 40" circs, Magic Loop

Notes: LOVED the yarn! Because the Hats that Fit pattern didn't have a 2x2 rib pattern, there were no decrease instructions, so I winged it. It wasn't lovely, but a non-knitter wouldn't notice. If I do a 2x2 hat again, I'll be more careful on the decreases.

Date: December 2005

#38 - Fingerless Gloves #2

Made for: 16yoSIL


Yarn: Noro Kureyon in #116-Black/Grey/Maroon

Purchased at: Windsor Button

Notes: I LOVED these and wanted to keep them.

Date: December 2005

#37 - Fingerless Gloves #1

Made for: 13yoSIL


Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk

Purchased at: Windsor Button

Notes: My first pair of fingerless gloves, with all implied wonkiness

Date: December 2005

#36 - Poncho Loco

Made for: BFF&exGF#2

Pattern: Lace Poncho by Susan Sternlieb

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, color 16

Purchased at: Loop

Notes: The photo makes the yarn look pumpkiny, but it's actually more of a rust.

Date: November 2005

#35 - Little Man's Halloween Costume

Pattern: McCall's #8938

Fabric: Big pile of supplies

Purchased at: Hancock Fabrics, Joann Fabrics and A.C. Moore

Note: I used the pattern from Little Man's 2004 Lion costume and made the eyes, belly and feet look like a tree frog. I love Halloween.

Date: October 2005

#34 - Baby Socks

Pattern: ____

Yarn: Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the "bright spring pattern" color.

Purchased at: A.C. Moore

Notes: Girly enough to please our fairly mainstream next door neighbors (who are getting the second set of these), and gender-neutral enough to please the hipmamas of Ms. CJSR.

Date: October 2005

#33 - Baby Joey Sweater & Hat

Made for: Baby Joey's shower, Nina's son

Pattern: Hat with Ear Flaps and Simple Raglan Sweater from Debbie Bliss's Baby Knits book.

Yarn: Lion Brand's Cotton Ease in Pistachio and Blueberry

Needles: Size 4 Addis

Notes: HUGE thanks to Danielle for giving me a pile of leftover Cotton Ease. I didn't like the rolling collar and sleeves, so I substituted seed stitch bands all around. I'm not sure about the ear flaps. They don't seem to be in the right place, and I haven't seen Baby Joey in his outfit yet, so I don't know if it fits.

#32 - Not Knit Round Scarf

Made for: ME

Pattern: Not Knit Round Scarf from The Purl Stitch.

Yarn: Classic Elite Wings

Purchased at: The Fabric Place

Notes: Fun to knit. Loved the yarn. I keep it at my desk and wear it frequently. The problem is - with poncho currently considered fashionable, it seems like a part of my outfit, as opposed to a layer. I'd still like a shawl.

Date: August 2005

#31 - Teeny Socks

Made for: Carlo's 1st birthday

Pattern: _____

Yarn: ArtYarns SuperMerino

Purchased at: Windsor Button

Note: As proof that I loved the ArtYarns SuperMerino, I made these teeny socks for a little guy's 1st birthday

Date: August 2005

#30 - SockPal anklets

Made for: my SockPal (no longer blogging), as part of Alison's Sockapaltwoza.

Pattern: some crazy combination

Yarn: ArtYarns SuperMerino in 104

Purchased at: Windsor Button

Notes: I love this yarn! There was pooling, but I herded it to the soles.

Date: August 2005

#29 - Branching Out

Made for: Wifey

Pattern: Branching Out

Yarn: some pink inherited stash yarn, probably acrylic

Notes: Wifey loves it. I like the finished product, but the knitting was a beast. I should listen to Dilettante Debutante's theory -- don't knit lace while parenting wee ones. Over time, it rolls in on itself, which I believe is the fault of the yarn. So I don't like this scarf anymore. Not to mention, I made this scarf when Wifey and I were having bigtime problems, and it was my effort to lure her back. So, yeah ... I don't like this scarf anymore.

Date: August 2005

#28 - Mom's X-mas '05 scarf

Made for: Mom

Pattern: basic garter/drop stitch scarf

Yarn: Mountain View Farm, Merino/Tencel, seafoam color

Purchased at: NH Sheep and Wool Festival '05

Note: During my trip to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival '05, I picked up a hank of this amazing merino/tencel yarn with little tiny loops spaced about 1/2" apart. I saw it from across the field and knew it was perfect for my Mom.

Date: August 2005

#27 - Little Man socks

Made for: Little Man

Pattern: Wendy's Toe-Up Socks

Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta stripe 605

Purchased at: A Good Yarn

Needles: teeny Addis with the Magic Loop, one at a time.

Notes: I started and started and started and started these socks because I couldn't figure out short rows. But after an amazingly indulgent lesson from two wonderful MIT Stitch and Bitchers, I finally got it. Hooray! However ... they were too small. I measured again and again. I was on gauge. But Little Man's feet grew while I was knitting. Now they're stuck on the top shelf of the closet.

Date: August 2005

#26 - Little Man '05 Hat

Made for: Little Man

Pattern: Based on the Lil Art Critic Beanie

Yarns: Knit with a double strand of navy (#8393) Cascade 220 and navy (#4675) Crystal Palace Kid Merino with a stripe of navy (color: midnight) Manos Del Uruguay

Purchased at: Windsor Button

Notes: The stripe of Manos wasn't enough contrast. If I do this hat again, I'll give it a nice bright orange stripe. I love the pattern. I love the yarns. I love the tweedy and fuzzy fabric that comes off the needles. But alas, its too big for him. Will I ever learn to size properly?

Date: July 2005

#25 - Tea Set

Made for: Little Miss Grace, daughter of Nina, for her 2nd birthday

Pattern: Fiesta Tea Set by Annie Modesitt

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Orangeade, Ice Blue, Blueberry, Cherry Red and Pineapple

Purchased at: Building 19 for $1.39 per ball!!

Notes: The directions for the tea set were excellent. However, the strange little placemat was a pain in the ass. First of all, there was no picture of the placemat in the pattern instructions, so I didn't know if I'd like it at all. Then, after working through the fair isle (my first stab at fair isle, by the way), I discovered that the entire piece measured abut 3 inches wide. With a gift deadline looming, I asked the all-knowledgeable gals for help at my SnB, and came up with a plan. The plan didn't work, so I threw in the towel and did some "free association" knitting and turning the damned thing into a bag. Here's the inside of the bag:

Date: May 2005

#24 - Nantasket Basket #2

Made for: Gramma

Yarn: green variegated Cascade 220 (#9435) for the main color and a plain green Cascade 220 (#9430).

Purchased at: Woolcott

Notes: The green variegated Cascade 220 looks divine when felted. The colors meld together and get a little misty, just as Danielle said it would.

#23 - Nantasket Basket #1

Made for: Mom

Pattern: Nantasket Basket by Susan Pierce Lawrence

Yarn: Cascase 220 in purple (#8885) and pinky-beige (#8021)

Purchased at: Woolcott

Needles: Addi 10.5 circs at 40" using Magic Loop when necessary.

Notes: I liked this pattern a lot. It was easy, but had interesting touches. The welt around the bottom was an interesting little technique, and the i-cord bind off around the top rim was another new technique for me. I love that Susan added a few purl stitches around the top rim so that you can accurately place the handles without meauring and re-measuring and re-measuring a circular item. Plus, the basket is very functional. Particularly as a Mom, I can imagine thousands of possible uses for it. This was my first time using Cascade 220 and I loved it.

Date: May 2005

#22 - Thrift Store Tote

Made for: ME

Pattern: Based on Super Eggplant's Tote Bags 101

Fabric: Davis Square Goodwill pin-striped men's pants, and stash fabric from Nina's house.

Purchased at: Davis Square Goodwill

Notes: Of course, I messed up the measuring and was too lazy to "measure twice, cut once" and the bag turned out a little long and skinny. Really, it's appropriate for a bottle of wine or a couple hanks, but little else. But it's cute and I love the multi-directional pinstripes.

Date: May 2005

#21 - My First Socks

Made for: ME

Pattern: _____

Yarn: Paton's Kroy, gray (54044)

Purchased at: AC Moore

Needles: Addis. Magic Loop, one at a time.

Notes: My first socks! I hunted for a good pattern for a long time. I knew I wanted to make short row heels so they would look like commercial socks. Little did I know that short row heels don't like the Mafia. So I struggled and I had holes at the heels. But I still have these socks and I wear them. The yarn is pilly. They're faulty, but charming. Like me.

Date: April 2005

#20 - The Womb

Made for: Nina

Pattern: Womb

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Bubble Gum

Purchased at: Windsor Button

Needles: #3 Addi 40" circs with Magic Loop method

Notes: Nina started her training to become a doula, so I wanted to make something in celebration. Since it's 100% washable and dryable, little babies can spit up all over it.

Date: March 2005

#19 - My First Sweater

Made for: ME!

Pattern: Oat Couture's Bistro Shirt

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Phlox #405

Purchased at: Ewe'll Love It

Notes: After much frogging and fighting, I finished it, but soon realized that it was too big! Probably a gauge problem (surprise, surprise). But I LOVED the yarn and intend to rip it out and make something else.

Date: February 2005

#18 - Elephant Finger Puppet

Made for: Little Man

Pattern: loosely based on Kerrie's Cutie Finger Puppets

Yarn: Paton's Kroy, grey (#54044)

Purchased at: A.C. Moore

Notes: A co-worker taught me the Magic Loop technique and I made a little grey tube. It looked like a finger puppet, so I picked up some stitches and added ears, picked up a couple more and added a trunk.

#17 - Fleece Overalls & Hat

Made For: Charlotte

Pattern: Burda 9853

Fabric: Cream stash fleece, orange and fuschia embroidery floss

Purchased at: Joann Fabrics

Notes: Fun project! Cream fleece overalls in size 3-6 months with blanket stitched cuffs and bib in orange and pink.

#16 - Little Man Mittens

Made for: Little Man

Pattern: Kate Gilbert's Gifted Mittens

Yarn: Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool, $5 for 465 yards at AC Moore - now that's a poor-Mommy-deal.

Notes: Fun. Quick. I made a long i-cord strap and sewed it onto each mitten. He ripped the cord off in 3 seconds. Next time I'll include the cord into the overall design to provide a bigger challenge.

Date: January 2005

#15 - Preemie Fruit Cap

Made for: preemie baby Charlotte (born on Christmas Day '04)

Pattern: Ann Norling's Kids Fruit Cap

Yarn: Purple and Green inherited stash Cotton Chenille.

Notes: Fun. Teeny. Quick.

Date: January 2005

#14 - *&#king!! Mom scarf

Made For: My mother, by request, for Christmas 2004

Pattern: Some freebie from AC Moore. She saw the sample swatch, and loved it so much that we had to find someone to give us the pattern. Silly me, I thought it looked easy.

Yarn: Plymouth Eros (color 3267)

Purchased at: A.C. Moore

Notes: To date (2/06), this is the WORST project I have ever done! #1 - I hated this yarn with everything in me. It's a ladder yarn, which means that I stuck my needle through the middle of the yarn at least 10,000 times. #2 - it's 100% nylon (read: slippery as hell), so it kept slipping off the needles. #3 - The AC Moore lady warned me -- if you make a mistake, you're better off starting over because you can't see the stitches. I was over-confident and thought she was exaggerating. She wasn't. Very early on I should've bought bamboo needles (I was too broke). I should've paid more attention. Shoulda-woulda-coulda. Bottom line - my mother loves it.

Date: December 2004

#13 - Plush Baby Blanket

Made For: Baby Charlotte's shower

Pattern: None. Just a simple garter stitch crib-sized blanket

Yarn: Berroco Plush in Sprout, Pasty Purple, White and Boy Blue.

Purchased at: Ewe'll Love It

Notes: Again, boring. I wanted a semi-lacy blanket, so I used monster big needles. But I ended up with a weird-looking holey blanket. By the time I realized, it was a couple days before the shower, so I couldn't rip and reknit. It was amazingly soft, but dry clean only. What was I thinking? I'm a parent. I should've known better.

Date: October - November 2004

#12 - Wifey's '04 Mittens

Made for: Wifey

Pattern: Kate Gilbert's Gifted Mittens

Yarn: No idea. It was inherited acrylic stash yarn.

Notes: My first mittens! They were WAY too big and I didn't know what yarn I was using, so I hoped they'd felt in the wash. They didn't. Someday I'll rip and reknit, since she loves the scarf they match.

Date: October 2004

#11 - Wifey's '04 Scarf

Made for: Wifey

Pattern: None. Simple garter stitch band of red (@ 3"), white as MC, end was another 3" band of red.

Yarn: No idea. It was inherited stash yarn -- probably acrylic.

Notes: Boring, but she loves it and still wears it.

Date: October 2004

#10 - Sausage Pants

Made for: Baby Sausage

Pattern: Cashmere Leggings in Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Cherished Babies

Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly, blue and yellow

Purchased at: Ewe'll Love It

Notes: My first experience with complete f-ed up gauge (the beginning of an era). I knit the 0-3 month size and they came out huge. In addition, there were TONS of mistakes in the pattern. My second attempt at intarsia was a teeny bit better.

Date: February 2004