Saturday, January 21, 2006

#44 - Celtic Cap

Made for: ME!

Pattern: Celtic Cap, by the lovely and helpful Girl From Auntie

Yarn: Reynolds Alpaca Regal in color 50.

Purchased at: Woolcott

Notes: I LOVED everything about this cap. The pattern was amazing. It was written with several standard sizes and a custom calculation for more precise sizing. The decreases were designed within the cables, so you can't see them. The yarn is soft and fluffy and warm. It's cozy, warm, and smells great. The color is lovely. After searching for about a year, I finally found a shade of blue that would match my all-time favorite scarf. I bought the scarf on my honeymoon in Ireland and it gets wrapped around my neck in October and doesn't come off until April. Hooray!

Date: January 2006