Thursday, March 02, 2006

#45 - Barker's Mittens

Made for: Barker, Wifey's BFF who lives in Minneapolis (brrr!)

Pattern: Fingerless Cabled Mittens by the very talented Alison Green Will (adaptations also by AGW)

Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft

Purchased at: Three Bags Full

Notes: I started this project in early December in the Last Minute Christmas Gifts workshop by Alison Green Will at Three Bags Full. Originally meant for Wifey, I quickly realized it was not meant to be. Wifey scofffed at the chosen color, which I picked to match her current favorite brown coat, with an eye toward her blue ski-style jacket, and most of all because Winter '04-'05 was all about PINK. Little did I realize that Pink was so-last-year. I was knitterly wounded, but I perservered, thinking that she'd eventually come around. I mean seriously ... these are merino and cashmere! However, when I reached the thumbs, I realized these little mitts where too small for her sailor hands. Once I realized these knitted beauties were not meant for Wifey, I happily changed course and poured all my love into each Barker stitch. Speaking of stitches, Alison taught me to cable without a cable needle, and I had plenty of practice on these puppies. I love that technique. Hooray for workshops!

Date: January 2006

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